research paper on e-commerce in hewlett-packard company.

Need an research paper on e-commerce in hewlett-packard company. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Its shared values include agility and speed, results obtained through teamwork, high passion for its customers, contribution and achievement and respect and trust for all individuals. HP products are highly differentiated to suit varying customer needs. Branding is high in HP as the company aims at establishing a differentiated and significant presence in the market which then attracts the new customers and retains existing customers. HP Company has grown with changes in technology and consumers are able to purchase HP products online through its website. This is the perfect way of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. A customer is able to shop for the required product at the comfort of his seat or house.

HP is a manufacturer of technological products like computer related products like laptops and desktops, scanner, calculators among many other products. The HP Company provides for its important users through its website, and this is through the many pages available on the website for each important user to view his required page.

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research paper on e-commerce in hewlett-packard company.
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The website has employed heavy use of images. The images of all products manufactured by the company are found on the website. For example, on the website, we find images of laptops, printers and monitors among many other products. The images of the products also have some of the features of that particular product displayed in them. That is, the images used on the website represent the actual product in all aspects. The main aim of using images in the website is to give the consumer the actual image and the looks of each and every product produced by the company. The use of images on the company website is a method of branding where the company creates an actual image on the consumer’s mind.

A mixture of blue and black are the main colors that have been used on the website. The blue color is a cool color and is quite attractive and appealing to the eyes. The blending of the two colors on the website makes the website&nbsp.look quite appealing to the customer’s eyes making them want to visit and revisit the site.&nbsp.

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