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Need an research paper on aspects of holiday website. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Each picture would have a caption. The name of the visitor and the date the picture was uploaded on.

A section to display the reviews of the visitors regarding their experience with the website company (PHP, MySQL). The review would display the name, comment, rating (from 0 to 10), and the time of post.

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research paper
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A form to submit and store a review (PHP, MySQL). The visitors would provide their name, email, website (optional), comment, and rating (optional) for the deals and overall experience with the website company. It will be ensured that valid information is submitted (JavaScript validation).

Contact Us: This page would be used to mail the website company regarding any information related to the information on the site, booking a plan, or knowing any tour related details. The page would comprise of

A form to submit a message to the site email (PHP based). Visitors would be required to provide their names, emails, phone, and a message. The form would be validated to ensure the information submitted is in the correct format (JavaScript-based). Once the message is sent, a new page opens that displays a “thank you” note.

The prototype website has achieved all the objectives listed in the project proposal. The website promotes Bangladesh as a perfect destination for holidays. Client-side JavaScript was used to display clock, display a slideshow of images, show/hide objects, and validate forms. A server-side scripting language, PHP, was used to insert/retrieve the reviews and images shared by the visitors and for sending email to the website administrator. SQL was used to store the reviews and images posted on the site. The prototype was hosted on the webserver. The scripts were tested against a wide range of input and were found to perform correctly. All pages of the site follow the W3C standard.

Presently, the pictures and reviews posted by the visitor are displayed as-is.&nbsp.

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