Research paper

Please write a research paper 3-4 pages including reference paper!

Here is the instruction:

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Research paper
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Propose a Regulation (to make things better!)

The Steingraber essay calls for action to resist the corporations extracting fossil fuels.

Consider a problem that we may face in the next five to ten years and think about possible regulations that could be proposed to lesson or solve that problem. The rules, laws, or regulations you come up with may be as realistic or as far-fetched (satire: Eat the Homeless!) as you like.

Examples: deforestation, warming temperatures, G-5, SNS, species extinction, nuclear power plant leaks, plastic refuse, war, refugees, corruption in politics, Air B&B, tourism, terrorism, bicycle parking on campus, grading policies, mandatory wearing of face-masks, etc.

Write a paper, typed, titled (no cover page), double-spaced, 12-point font, stapled in left-hand corner (above your name) on the topic you choose.

This is a thesis-generated research essay. Please underline your thesis statement so a reader can locate it immediately.

Length: 3-4 pages in length (4 pages maximum). The final page is for sources used.

It’s a good idea to write an outline, which helps you to see whether the parts of your essay work together, and if the structure is logical.  You should have 2-4 main points and at least 2 support points for each main point.

Please consult at least three (3) academic sources; at least two of them should be English, for this assignment, and at least two should be of an academic journal-type nature.

For this assignment, please use either MLA, APA, or CMS systems of citation as laid out in the Hacker

 text. Be sure to write the system of citation you are using under your name, as the example shows:

Joe Schmoe


As with your first paper, for the majority of your citations, please use signal phrases to introduce these citations. Don’t ignore this stipulation! Read up on the correct usage of signal phrases in Hacker.

Include counter argument in your paper, and then address these arguments to give your paper a stronger sense of academic balance.

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