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Anytime Wednesday will be great. The reserch paper for the slide presentation is attached below after the assignment.

Your research paper from  was so well received that your supervisor has asked you to put together a presentation for a series of short talks at your local library. The goal of the series is to inform the public about important general-interest issues, and your topic would work well for this. Your goal is to create a PowerPoint or Prezi highlighting the key information from your paper.

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Research paper
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 Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to share with the public. You should keep the following guidelines in mind.

1.   Your presentation should be at least 8 slides or frames in length.

 2.   You should highlight the key ideas from your research paper and make sure the central message is conveyed.

 3.   Your presentation should include proper documentation according to APA guidelines.

 4.   Your presentations should include visuals to help support your text.

 Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. 

Research paper is below

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder commonly known as PTSD is a mental or anxiety disorder that is characterized by various reactions and symptoms in people who have been through severe traumatic events in their lifetime. These are not the usual feelings of reproach or fear that one experiences after a traumatic experience. Its symptoms are prolonged and severe. These traumatic incidents vary from person to person and can sometimes act as triggers for PTSD symptoms to manifest themselves. Some common daunting events that could cause PTSD include War, sexual violence, and sudden loss of loved ones.  (Hoge, 2016) This paper is premised on the argument that self-help treatment is more effective in managing PTSD symptoms as compared to Professional treatment. The impact of professional help on people with PTSD will be measured against self-help activities, and a conclusion will be reached. It is argued that the most efficient treatment method is one that suppresses PTSD symptoms while allowing the victim to lead a normal life.

Symptoms of PTSD vary from person to person. This variance is caused by different triggers, various traumatic events, and different responses to anxiety. However, some symptoms are common in people with PTSD. These include:

•    Insomnia- Sleep requires a lot of neural functioning. However, most PTSD patients cannot calm their bodies enough for them to sleep. Sometimes due to other symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares a person may find themselves unable to get any wink of sleep.

•    Flashbacks and Nightmares- The human brain is responsible for our memory. When people experience traumatic events, the memory of the situations may keep lingering in their heads. It can cause victims of such events to have flashbacks of the event and occasionally experience nightmares.

•    Avoidance of triggers- Some places, events or people end up reminding a victim of past traumatic events. A person could detect PTSD when they observe this kind of avoidance patterns. Individuals with PTSD dislike reliving these events, and they generally avoid them.

•    Irritability and Anger outbursts- PTSD affect a person: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, in some instances, it might attack the character of a person. Some victims become irritable and violent at times. They may appear rude and insensitive to other people, yet the truth is that they are fighting a battle. (Walters, 2014)

PTSD can lead to some consequences if not remedied. Though the consequences vary in intensity, for people with PTSD and their families, these consequences strain them intensively. Some common effects of PTSD include:

•    Suicide- In 2015 it was estimated that approximately 22 veterans commit suicide in each day. Veterans have been known to experience PTSD once in their lifetimes. Sometimes the symptoms become too much they end up taking their lives.  (Raines, 2016)

•    Crime- as earlier on discussed PTSD can affect the character of a person. It causes hopelessness and poor decision making.

•    Drug abuse- research indicates that most people with PTSD turn to drug and substance abuse for solace. All they want is something that can help them forget their pain.

Treatment of PTSD can be categorized into two: self-help treatment and Professional treatment. Self-help treatment occurs when the victim engages in certain activities in a bid to calm PTSD symptoms. Such treatments include (studies, 2009):

•    Exercise- exercising is a great way to relax and take your mind off things. For people with PTSD, using regular exercise can help engage their mind and body. It leaves no room for self-sympathy and flashbacks.

•    Relaxation techniques- most relaxation techniques can make a person feel pampered and forget about their worries. Occasional yoga and massage sessions can be therapeutic to a person experiencing PTSD.

•    Pets-dogs, for instance, have in recent times helped veterans with PTSD. Firstly they create a sense of responsibility for the veteran whereby he/she has something to live for. Secondly owning pets, especially dogs, is a source of comfort. Dogs and particularly service dogs are trained to detect certain emotions in men and help them calm down

•    Volunteering and Support group –support groups are a very effective way for a person with PTSD to recover. By sharing of survival stories and painful experiences, they create a sense of belonging for people with PTSD. Volunteering helps a person to feel useful and needed, and this can quash any suicidal thoughts.

Professional help, on the other hand, is vital, especially instances of prolonged PTSD. Commonly preferred methods or professional help include counseling and therapy. In severe cases, medication and may require hospitalization. Medication is mostly a matter of last resort.

Both self-help and professional help are efficient in suppressing the symptoms of PTSD. However, people with PTSD dislike treatment as patients or people with mental disorders. The entire counseling and hospital setting can cause paranoia and worsen the situation. Self-help treatment takes the form of ordinary day to day activities, and therefore stigmatization is escaped. Secondly, some drugs offered as antidepressants only postpone the problem instead of solving it. They calm the nerves and relax the mind but when their rush is over the stress comes back in full swing. Additionally, studies show that therapy is not as effective as such and that it cannot, in isolation, help a person with PTSD. It must be combined with another method such as counseling. Lastly, professional help is not free. It is extremely expensive to seek professional help and to keep up with such help. Medical and professional bills have to be catered for by the person or their family yet they already have too much deal with daily. (Ken Hanson, 2016)

On the contrary, the lows of self-help treatment cannot be ignored. PTSD requires acknowledgment of the disorder for healing to begin. Treating yourself can breed a shell of denial and cause a buildup of stress and anxiety. Additionally, as earlier on discussed, self-help treatment can only do so much. More severe cases must be dealt with professionally and expeditiously. Lastly, people with PTSD can access free counseling and professional services from organizations established for that. It negates the argument of expenses in professional treatment. (Muscari, 2012)

 In conclusion, no answer is right or wrong. The standard line, however, is that PTSD must be treated with the seriousness it deserves. Whether one chooses self-help treatment or professional treatment, the bottom line is that the disorder must be remedied to avoid its consequences, some of which are irreversible. (Miller)

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