Research methods in healthcare

I need some assistance with these assignment. research methods in healthcare Thank you in advance for the help! Critical appraisal is an essential step in the process of putting research into practice. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2008) requires registered nurses to be able to provide a good standard of care, as such is essential that nurses are able to properly synthesize and critique quantitative data. Asking questions about an article’s research methodology, scrutinizing its data collection and analysis methods, and evaluating how its findings are presented should help to determine whether a certain article’s conclusions should influence practical decision-making. This enables nurses to maintain both professional knowledge and competency to the highest standard by delivering care based on up-to-date and relevant evidence. A critical appraisal can achieve this through the understanding of the research process by demonstrating the ability to retrieve the information and critically assess research findings.

Does the report follow the research steps in a clear and logical manner? Yes, prior to the introduction of this research paper, the authors are highlighted on the front of the article and all their qualifications are produced alongside this. This is a useful indicator to highlight the authors’ qualifications for the research paper (Coughlan et al, 2007). Thus, the fact that each of the authors is a senior scholar in the UK lends credence to the assertions put forth in the paper. Having the qualifications at the outset establishes the credentials of the authors undertaking the study and demonstrates the scholarly nature of their analysis of coronary heart patient’s perceptions of their symptoms. Having this beforehand experience can be beneficial to the researchers, in helping them to determine and develop the type of questions which they are trying to generate.&nbsp.

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 Research methods in healthcare
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