Republicans stand on Stem Cell Vindication.

Republicans stand on Stem Cell Vindication. Earlier the leaders could easily maintain a fake impression with the people. But with today’s media and online facilities, thee public is more than aware and are able to know the in depth truth and hence there is less chance of making false pretences. Nowadays, Democrats have to prove – “Government by the People” and republicans “Government based on laws”.

Peoples choice of democrats or the republicans changes instantly with various issues. A human mind is fast changing and a real leader needs to maintain a homeostasis of the things he does to maintain his stance in the minds of people. That is why politics is a tough job. No democrat can be convinced of republican thoughts or vice versa as Laurence J.Peter says – “A Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” –

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Republicans stand on Stem Cell Vindication.
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A leader still can’t be so sure of his republican/ democratic ideology can surely fulfill people’s wishes. He does it solely on the hope though he would have a bit of confidence too, as Martin Luther said, “everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Maybe someone be a democratic or republican, it is his ideology which makes him win and rule over. But still a democrat runs on the ideal of government by the people, of the people and for the people. So he amends laws, bends rules for the people, whereas a republican has laws, human laws as his ideals which are on a global perspective common to all humans. A democrat may bend rules in his country for his people’s sake, but a republican has human ethics as a background of his ideals. So republican is more global in his thought and leads the country to a more civilized environment.

Definitely not, a better and good democrat can bring up a better environment with his ideals too. This marks the success of a leader, may be a democrat or a republican.

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