Religious Material Art

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Religious Material Art. In the community of the Yoruba elements of chaotic behavior and ineffable are found to be very significant since they give an inchoate experience. What makes them important is that they are given great recognition in the ritual works and in the divination where people remember, revise and do the work of reconstitution of the various elements of the community history to enable them to understand and cope with the difficulties that they are experiencing currently so that a better future can be expected. When we focus on the Tabwa divination and the sequence of how various actions follow, they may reveal the revelation of the dynamics of the society and how each situation is perceived and understood to make a decision. As the individual actors try to cope and understand, the ritual work is seen as a business to redress crises of health and social welfare in society. A lot of people try to reflect on how life is and how it works in moments of performance, they do this so to protect themselves in case they fail to take proper action they may not lead to intense suffering, destruction or even death (Robert 69). This paper seeks to analyze religion and why the material culture is a factor of importance among the Yoruba communities.

Interpretation of the religious text continues to be a matter of interest in modern society. It has acknowledged the importance of the bible in the faiths of the Christians, the life of the church and to some greater extent, it also looks at the relationship between the Christians and the faithful of other religions. Senegal is one of the countries with the most vibrant visual culture where images are painted everywhere some on the billboard or the paste-up posters. Many of these paintings of the picture are far from simple portraits that are deeply devotional and depict saints of Senegal and through their urgency, they pass God’s blessing energies. They, therefore, are icons that represent and promote a reciprocal gaze.

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Religious Material Art
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