Religious leader in christianity: jesus of nazareth.

According to the Bible, Jesus preached to the crowds and His disciples against adultery because it is a sin. In one myth, Quetzalcoatl is said to have thrown himself on a funeral pyre because of remorse after he allowed himself to be seduced by Tezcatlipoca. Both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl were life givers. According to myth, Quetzalcoatl descended to the underworld and gathered the bones of humans who had died earlier. On his return, he brought the humans back to life using his own blood. On the other hand, the Bible says that Jesus brought back to life many people who had died. Both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl did things that ordinary human beings could not do. Jesus walked on water as documented in the Bible while Quetzalcoatl is said to have traveled on water using a raft made of snakes. Both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl loved humans. Jesus died for the sake of humanity while Quetzalcoatl used his own blood to bring back to life humans who had died earlier. The purpose of Jesus’ life was to teach humanity the laws of God so that they would live according to the will of God. He died on the cross by crucifixion to redeem humanity from sin. Quetzalcoatl ruled the world for four cycles with the great gods of Teotihuacan. Quetzalcoatl mourned the suffering of humans, but other powerful gods prevented him from helping. The purpose of his life was to be a just ruler and end human suffering. Both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl will come back someday. In the Bible, Jesus promised that he would come back to rule the world. Both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl accepted to live in human form although they were Gods. Jesus did it to redeem humanity from sin while Quetzalcoatl wanted to prove to the other gods that humans needed to be assisted by the gods so that they could live better lives. The major difference between Jesus and Quetzalcoatl is that Jesus never claimed to be God while Quetzalcoatl accepted direct worship from humans as a god. Historically, the actions of Quetzalcoatl touched all the aspects of everyday life. His existence evolved into a myth rather than a clear piece of history. Historians agree that Jesus existed back in the days as claimed. However, it has been hard to establish solid reliability of the Bible in providing the history of Jesus’ life. Jesus died following his crucifixion on the cross. He, however, promised that He would rise back to establish a never-ending kingdom on earth. Likewise, after Quetzalcoatl left on a raft of snakes, he promised that he would come back again to live among humans. The dying god motif applies to both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl.

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 Religious leader in christianity: jesus of nazareth.
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