Relationship between math and future. 

The world is getting technology oriented and we can even feel it today.&nbsp. Technology permeates and affects every dimension of our life and it is expected that this trend will not only continue in the future but will become more intensive.&nbsp. Virtually almost all product s will have a component of technology and engineering and as long as technology and engineering is involve, so does mathematics because technology and engineering speaks the language of numbers which is the domain of math.&nbsp.&nbsp. Thus it can be inferred that a country’s competitiveness is directly correlated with its aptitude in math.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. A country which has strong score in math tends to have a strong technological base to create industry such as the case of Japan who is the leading country in manufacturing electronic products (section for interview) and thus will have a greater chance to prosper.

&nbsp.Inversely, countries which have low aptitude in math cannot progress to manufacture technological products due to its shortcoming in math.&nbsp. A classic example is the Philippines whose economy is still playing a catch up despite the fact that it is known to be proficient in English.&nbsp. It still played as a catch up because its Math education deteriorated where its students only get a mean average of 34.41% in math (BusinessWorld).&nbsp. As a result of this deficiency in Math, it does not have its own industry but is rather limited to assembly and outsourcing of manufacturing functions where the high paying industry still eludes the country because.

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Relationship between math and future. 
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