Reflective Response to Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation.

Reflective Response to Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The Puzzle of Motivation Dan Pink is a career analyst, who is very privy with the scientific theory of management of 20th century. The foundation of the theory of management was on the idea that work was uninteresting and that unless there is an introduction of an external force, it will never be accomplished as planned. It then follows from the above theorists’ standpoint, that the only means to achieve a viable outcome, is to either provide incentives in the form of rewards for doing good to motivate them, or, subjecting the wrong doers into punishment so as to discourage them from the committed acts.

The theory, therefore, holds that the only way to achieve a preeminent outcome is through manipulating human’s behaviors by either rewarding or punishing them where appropriate. In addition, the scientist qualifies the biological aspect as an element that determines human behavior when undertaking tasks. Later, in the mid 20th century, some scientists argued that intrinsic motivation was the major drive in the accomplishment of tasks. From these mid 20th century theorist, Dan Pink cements his theory on what motives people in work or any social environment and personal lives. The basis of his findings is concrete scientific research of over four decades on human motivation. He gives very clear differences between the human capital practices and practices that yield.

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After acknowledging the circumstances under which the theory is consistent with the reality, he points out that the same theory is inappropriate in the current society. This makes it very irrelevant in achieving the desired outcome, because of dramatic changes in the 21st century jobs. Jobs in this period are multifaceted, fascinating and more self governing meaning that, the introduction of the scientific theory in the contemporary society is unwanted and will warrant undoing on the part of the organization.

He argues that the traditional methods would result into. killing self-motivation, poor performance, lack of innovativeness, erosion of good behaviors, immorality, infatuation and interim thoughts.

In his attempt to persuade the mass to accept his view, Dan pink urges institutions and organizations to switch to the reverse approach of motivation, to fit well in the modern job nature, whose basis is the self-determination theory. In his development, he maintains that a human being has an intrinsic urge that is self-determining, self-oriented and that at liberty can achieve the best in life and the work environment.

In a nutshell, he advocates autonomy, mastery and purpose and explains as follows. that autonomy to be provided to the employees to decide on time focusing more of bit on the output at the expense of the result. Autonomy to employees on techniques should also be guaranteed, provide guidelines and overlook following strict procedures. They should also be allowed to choose the teams to work with, and finally the autonomy to choose the work to do to promote creativity. The second element to be promoted is mastery. here Dan Pink calls for the creation of an environment for learning and development and again he advocates for the provision of tasks that are neither difficult nor easy to the employees to enhance creativity and break the boredom. The last important element is purpose. This can be realized through the communication of the purpose to the employees, stressing on the importance of achieving that purpose and the use of collective words when describing it to instill the sense of ownership.

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