Reflective Memo My first session in English 1302 

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses reflective memo. Reflective Memo My first session in English 1302 was a confusing one because I had no idea of what is required in the session. My previous English sessions, the entire class focused more on writing bland, thoughtless essays and proper grammar. However, English 1302 was a bit different in terms of experiences and the entire session. Most of the English assignments in this course required many different steps before achieving the right results. There was a big difference on how we wrote our assignments unlike the previous semesters. In this course, we conducted our assignments differently. My first assignment on ‘Should Countries Control the Internet’ gave me an opportunity to discuss something, which I actually enjoy a lot.

Discussions regarding the internet are usually my favorite. Additionally, in English 1302, writing skills such as free writing were commonly used. We also used peer reviews to help us generate ideas and put more emphasis on our writing. In as much as these sessions were challenging and complex, I can attest that there were signs of improvement when it came to generating ideas and putting them into writing. My grades kept improving during the course and that was reason enough I had improved in the course.

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Reflective Memo My first session in English 1302 
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A perfect example whereby I managed to utilize these new ideas during the writing process was while writing the project about ‘MTV’s 16 and pregnant’’ project. In doing the project, I categorized the entire project into different parts to make it easier to read and understand. Alternatively, I used electronic software in editing the entire project. In doing this, I copy pasted the word document in the software. After which, I revised the draft while still in the software. By the time I completed this process, I had done extra work on the project before posting it on the writing studio.

I chose the ‘MTV’s 16 and pregnant’’ project because of its perfect illustration when it comes to the outcome. Over the semester, I have been trying my best to improve in the English 1302 course and the ‘MTV’s 16 and pregnant’ ’project, remains one of the best pieces of work I have done during the course. The entire draft is self-explanatory and does not require explanations. However, the first paragraph is a bit detailed since it is the face of the paper. The first draft generally explains all about Lowrey Annie through various themes. The main theme in the first paragraph is about some of the challenges, which teen mothers have to go through. The paragraph does not only focus on Lowrey Annie but also focuses on different aspects that relate to teen pregnancy. In simple terms, the first paragraph lifts the lid on the issue. Unlike the previous years where my first paragraphs were a bit sketchy, this draft was straight to the point from the first paragraph. However, after I resumed my tutorials, I realized that some of paragraphs were shorter unlike others. This meant that I had to improve on balancing my draft. I am not perfect yet but what I know is that I am improving. Currently, I have put more emphasis on my grammar and draft balance. From my draft pieces, it is quite evident that I am on the road to improvement.

Work Cited

Lowrey, Annie. “MTV’s ’16 and pregnant’ derided by some, may resonate as a cautionary tale.” The New York Times. January 13, 2014. Web. February 3, 2014.

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