Reflection Essay on Project Charter

Practice Management System for EHR Procurement For Dr. Jean Simmons Project Charter Review Draft Approved by Project Team Table of Content Strategic vision3 Project Overview3 goals and objectives4 Project Scope5 Deliverables5 Project Design Assumptions5 Time Line of Key Project Milestones7 Project Organization8 Team Members8 Roles9 Project management10 Risks & Risk Management Approach10 Issue and Scope Management12 Communication Plan12 ignatures14 ————————————————- Strategic vision The mission of the clinic is included here.. The project vision is to invest in people, business process improvements, technology infrastructure and new practice management system to provide operational stability and to support growth and relevant operational objectives for next 5 to 7 years.
————————————————- Project OverviewWe are engaged in a procurement process for a new practice management system (EHR system) for our clinics and health centers. The new system will replace the current paper based system. This system has served us well but has several significant limitations. It has been recently concluded that further investment in the current paper based system should cease and an integrated EHR system from an established vendor be procured to replace it.We have also identified a need to develop the internal IS/IT resources required to manage and operate the new system. The goals set for this project are to have a signed contract for new EHR system on a tightly controlled time line, and to have begun the process of building the internal capacity to successfully implement, manage, and operate the system into the future. We have engaged consultants to design and participate in a project to select EHR system and contract with a vendor in this time frame.
To accomplish these goals, the project will require: * Commitment from project stakeholders including organizational management, clinic management, project team, and technology staff * The availability of resources (including significant staff time) to assure the completion of high quality deliverables by the consultants * A clinic project leader to handle the day to day communications and logistics * Rapid response and decision-making by stakeholders, executives, managers, and other project participants within their defined scopes of authorityThe EHR system procurement project described in this proposal will include four distinct phases: Project Initiation, RFP Develop an HER system, System/Vendor Selection, and Vendor Contracting. ————————————————- goals and objectives Several high-level goals and objectives have been identified. These can also be considered guiding principles as the team moves though the system selection process. * The EHR system must be “user friendly” to facilitate effective training and operations in a fast paced environment.The consultants will help clearly define “user friendly” so this requirement can be included in the RFP and objectively evaluated during the selection process. * The EHR system must support the organizational goal of growth, having the capacity to scale up to 20 clinics. * The EHR system must facilitate better utilization of our current facilities and staff, allowing for as many as 200,000 patient visits a year by 2010.

* The EHR system needs to provide staff with a tool to enhance operational efficiencies, enabling staff to provide better and faster service to patients. The EHR system needs to be compatible with best of breed Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications or be an integrated system with EHR system/EMR components, although full blown EMR functionality is not on the near term horizon. * The EHR system needs to have available or easily developed interfaces to some existing internal software applications. * The EHR system needs to provide interconnectivity with all our sites to be able to track patients who seek services at multiple sites. * The EHR system needs to be flexible to change with business, data, billing, and reporting needs.An “open” database with the ability to analyze data and generate reports on all data elements that are captured and stored in the system is desired. Ease of reporting with a commercially available report-writer is a must.
* The EHR system needs to have the ability to effectively navigate the EHR system using both keyboard commands and a mouse. * The application must be compatible with current technology standards to enable interoperability with other applications, ease of reporting and access to data for research, analysis, and reporting. The vendor must demonstrate stability, longevity, and a strong, proven record of excellent customer support. * The vendor and product must demonstrate proven knowledge and experience in California in similar setting as ours, including services, regulatory and funding.* The application must support multi-site scheduling and integrate with use of a call center. * The EHR system must have the flexibility to offer web-based functionalities that will allow us to take advantage of new business models, to gain productivity advantages through online appointment functionality, and to leverage the capabilities of the Internet within the system. The technical architecture of the EHR system must provide for scalability so we will not outgrow the system and built in redundancy so there is no single point of failure.
Mission critical systems require this capacity. * The technical architecture of system and software must provide easy path to creating and setting up complete redundant, co-processing center for disaster recovery. * We require a system that supports the requirements of their total organizational, including growing the donor base, providing community outreach services, and building the activist base. The EHR system must be compliant with all HIPAA regulations.Project Scope Deliverables * Project Charter * Project Timeline/Work Breakdown Structure * Operational Assessment, Needs Assessment, Process Flow Diagrams and System Design * Technology Management Assessment * Functional Requirements * Technical Requirements * Request for Proposal (RFP) Document * Vendor/System Overview Analysis * Proposal Evaluation Criteria and Worksheet * Site Visit Evaluation Worksheet Vendor Interview Evaluation Criteria Worksheet * Vendor Interview Agenda, Scenarios and Participant Criteria * Due Diligence Analysis * Functional and Technical Specifications * Best and Final RFP * Contract Appendices * Legal Review of Contract and Appendices * Contract with EHR system Vendor Project Design Assumptions The following is a list of assumptions used as the basis for the design of this project: * Three or four vendors will be considered based on their organization’s proven ability to deliver and support EHR system systems in California.There are several separate but related projects that need to be coordinated with this one. The reengineering, redesign, and standardization of clinic, billing, and inventory workflow procedures will be finalized as the contract is being negotiated with the vendor of choice.
An upgrade of the technology infrastructure will need to be completed by the implementation phase of the project. * Time is of the essence as the ability as the current system will not adequately serve our needs going forward. * The EHR system roject is a high priority project to the organization and the management team will support staff to assure that they will be able to participate and contribute in a timely and effective manner.

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