Reflection Essay on Julius Caesar Essay

He says “If then that friend demand why Brutes rose against Caesar, this is my answer: Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more. ” (Ill. Ii. 2022). Brutes here says that he did not kill Caesar because he did not like him, but he put Rome before Caesar in importance and thus killed Caesar for the better of Or me. Another example is “Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Ca sear were dead, to live all free men? “(all. Ii. 2324).
Even though nobody was a slave when Caesar w as alive, Brutes takes extra precaution because what he said could have happened so Brutes decided to kill Caesar in order for the of Rome to remain free, which tells readers that Brut s did not kill out of jealousy or for power but to make Rome the best it can be. The last example t hat supports Disraeli quote is “… As I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the s name dagger for myself, when it shall please my country to need my death. “(all. Ii. 4547).
Based on the quote, Brutes is saying that he will kill himself when he finds it necessary for Rome if he becomes the same as Caesar. Career’s rule or power also supports Disraeli quote because whatever Cases does, it is mostly for the good of the common people or the plebeians. Antonym reads his will and says, “To every Roman Citizen he gives / To every several men, seventies drachmas. “(ill. Iii. 243244). Caesar would not have done this if he was truly corrupt,Caesar did this “to sec urea the social welfare of the People. He cares about Rome than anything else and always SST rived to make the citizens, especially the lower or poor class, happier and better people. Another r example in which it again came from the will read by Mark Antonym says, “Moreover, he hath left o all his walks / His private arbors, and new planted orchards/ On this side Tiber; he hath left them you / And to your heirs forever: common pleasures / To walk abroad and recreate yourselves(all. Iii. 49253). And Mark Antonym ends with, “Here was a Caesar! When comes such another? ” (Ill. Iii. 254). Caesar in the eyes of everybody was a great ruler and was a very honorable man. Going back to the will, Caesar leaves all his luxuries to the common people for them to enjoy y, and that right their is a ruler who truly cared about his people and uses his power for the be term of Rome. Lastly, the conspirators actions in killing Caesar support Disraeli quote.

All the conspirators want to kill Caesar for the good of Rome, and Cassias wanted pep arsenal power not because of jealousy, but because everybody thought Cassias very lowly com eared to Caesar as described in this quote, “… Did the tired Caesar. And this man Is now become a god, and Cassias is A wretched creature, and must blend his body If Caesar carelessly b UT nod on 1511 8). Cassias got no respect in saving Caesar from drowning in t he river, everybody looked down upon him like he was worth nothing.
All the other co inspiration were friends with Caesar until Cassias convinced them to take sides with him and b reek away from Caesar. When Brutes joined, they decided how to kill Caesar and Cassias prop used to kill Mark Antonym but Brutes being the good man he was said to Cassias it would be too bloody because he wants the citizens to look upon them as honorable people, not murderers an d traitors. After Brute’s speech, all the plebeians said “Live, Brutes! Live, Live! “(all. Ii. 49).
If the c moon people thought Brutes killed Caesar out of pure greed and jealousy, than the people would probably not have spared Brutes but the people are convinced that Brutes kill ‘s Caesar not because of hatred but for the better of Rome. In conclusion, Benjamin Disraeli quote,”Power has only one duty secure the e social welfare of the People. ” was supported by Brute’s Justification in killing Cases r, Career’s rule and will, and the conspirators. True leaders and truly great men use power to truly do good things rather than taking advantage of it and becoming corrupt.

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