Reflection assessment on being a health professional in interprofessional capabillity framework for the faculty of health sciences.

 Reflection on a Health Care Profession Being a Health Professional in Interproffesional Capability Framework for the Faculty of Health Sciences


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Reflection assessment on being a health professional in interprofessional capabillity framework for the faculty of health sciences.
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All the individuals who give health care possess the identity of health professionals.

The activity of being a health professional is an extremely intricate endeavour. It is not just a straightforward undertaking such as practicing one’s individual profession, for instance, being a speech pathologist. This intricacy is in the demeanour of undertaking obligations, noting details, as well as cooperating with other practitioners. These undertakings might implicate practitioners, clients, the administration, as well as the entire health facility. The benefit of undertaking the speech pathology practice is that it elucidates an individual’s thoughts and it also assists an individual to learn about themselves as part of the procedure. Moreover, it illuminates on the appropriate demeanour of evaluating one’s philosophies, mannerisms, values, as well as attitudes. This assists in developing an effective practitioner (Gaare, Bernheim and Melnick, 2008).

It is extremely significant and fascinating to be educated about other occupation in the health care squad. This illuminates on the similarities and disparities of one’s profession with those of other individuals in the well being affiliation. It also gives a vivid comprehension of other well being vocations. In addition, this brings the recognition that disparate proficiencies and knowledge that define one’s excellence in a profession, such as psychoanalysis are not sufficient. There are other prerequisites, for instance, excellent communication joint effort, operating ethically amongst other requirements. The reinforcement of this is through the analogous code of principles for an individual’s profession such as speech pathology and other well being occupations.

The utmost significance in these lesions is the explication of the meaning of concentrating on a client’s needs. Moreover, it is extremely significant to deliver superior quality well being services as well as sustaining security in these endeavours. There is a widespread notion that excellence in a health occupation comprises of knowing the paramount interest of a client and fixing that client as per the interests. However, it is crucial to realize that listening cautiously is what provides a true comprehension of a client’s quandary (Deanery, 2012).

The preliminary function of health practitioners is to protect and promote well being in society. Thus, they ought to apply verified techniques of peril analysis, propose efficient precautionary measures and ensure implementation. Additionally, they must give proficient and truthful advice to their clients. This is a facet of their obligation in the scope of health. Moreover, professionals ought to seek and uphold full professional sovereignty and observe the regulations of confidentiality in implementation of functions. There should be no influence from statements regarding variance of interest. The main concern should regard a client’s well being.

It is also vital for a practitioner to collaborate with a client so as to share professional knowledge. This also ensures that the client makes an excellent deliberation about well being. Moreover, collaboration with other professionals is extremely imperative to ensure transverse referencing when it is suitable. It also assists in cooperation with other practitioners for the client’s interests. Furthermore, comprehension of other cultures, for instance, working with abroad scholars assists in learning their approaches to quandaries. This also assists in divergence of professional knowledge. All these skills are extremely crucial in career development (Helin and Sandstrom, 2007).


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