Reflection and its Role in Learning

I will pay for the following article Reflection and its Role in Learning. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Their reason is that reflection enables learners to become active in a way that leads them to discover how to think criticality with regard to their learning strategies and also to make appropriate decisions with regard to those strategies. For instance, learners can decide whether or not they choose to develop such strategies and if they choose to develop them, they can also decide on the possible way to do so.

In relation to the importance of reflection for learning in general, Freire (1973) wrote: “Men relate to their world in a critical way. They apprehend the objective data of their reality (as well as the ties that link one datum to another) through reflection” (p. 3). Boud et al. (1985, p. 8) stress that educators and teachers are highly advised to include some forms of reflection in their courses as it is an important component for learning in any form of teaching. For all that is mentioned above, this essay will discuss some definitions of reflection and clarify what reflection should actually entail. It will also try to answer the question of whether or not different cultural contexts view reflection in the same way. Lastly, it will present an assumed plan of action which I would set if I were to implement reflection to a group of L2 learners

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Reflection and its Role in Learning
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The mere mention of the word reflection brings to one’s mind many ideas and interpretations. examples of such ideas and thoughts which are often associated with reflection could be, among others, introspection, conscious inner thoughts, thinking, feelings, emotions, self-observation, and evaluation.

A number of researchers from different fields of study like psychology, professional education and adult learning have tried to come up with definitions of reflection. One of the oldest definitions dates back to Dewey whose definition of reflection was merely restricted to the idea of rationality and evidence (Dewey1933, p. 9).

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