Recruitment process contribution to the strategic priorities of an organization.

The impact of recruitment, when viewed as a larger responsibility requiring the involvement of different organizational capabilities,& much higher than when recruitment is considered the sole responsibility of a small group of people hired for the purpose of administering recruitment activity. Armstrong (2009, p. 87) underscores that

‘No single aspect of HR strategy should be considered in isolation. The links between one area and other complementary areas need to be established so that the ways in which they can provide mutual support to the overall strategy can be ascertained.’

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 Recruitment process contribution to the strategic priorities of an organization.
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Burke describes the impact of incorporating Likert’s System 4 of Participative Group Management. This organizational decision led to internal habit changes and recruitment process changes. Top management representatives drove this organizational change and ensured active participation by the various departments. The recruitment process included observation of candidates in different situations and the decision of recruitment was given in the hands of the people who were to be worked with. The selection process included a feedback session with the candidate that explained the reason the candidate’s acceptance or rejection. (2002, p. 86)

This experience highlights the need for an organizational view about the manner in which recruitment and selection processes should be designed, who alongside the recruitment function should be a party to the process design and gauge system and manpower capabilities to sustain the processes. The recruitment function holds primary responsibility for the implementation of the process but organizational involvement is necessary to review contradictory practices and curtail unrealistic expectations.

Industry performance, competitor action, customer expectation, and shareholder satisfaction form the factors that determine the competitive advantage of the firm. Companies adopt hiring practices to suit the supply-demand situation of the labor market.&nbsp.

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