Recent Articles analysis, macroecomonics

This is a requirement by the constitution of the United States of America to ensure efficiency in all the government operations while being concerned about the economy of the state.

As per the Anti-deficiency Act and the constitution, the federal government is permitted to start shutdown of activities related to appropriations that are not yet enacted into legislation. This process of a government shutdown has led to some operations that are usually funded by the annual appropriations being aborted causing loss of casual jobs by some citizens (Cornwell and Lawder). Some operations which receive their funds from the government by law and not annual appropriations may also be disrupted by the funding gap. These are programs that have activities which rely on annually appropriated funds for operations. A good example is the social security which may need funds from time to time to run upcoming operations in this field.

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Recent Articles analysis, macroecomonics
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When the government shuts down many federal employees lose their jobs as some have their payments delayed. The furlough has an adverse impact on the economy as the government is a major employer in the state, and this would mean increased unemployment rates (Cornwell and Lawder). Since the government shutdowns started in the United States, there have been 18 such funding gaps with President Obama’s government having only one in 2013. This was when the Congress declined to pass crucial funding bills for the ObamaCare program due to disagreement on the funding by the Senate and the White House.

A recent threat of the government shutdown has been experienced in late November 2014. Part of the Senate and senior Republican officials are at loggerheads on funding of the Department of Homeland Security. Some of them are asking for a long-term funding of the Homeland Security programs while others are seeking to offer a short-term funding.

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