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 Finding Your New Home The goal of this assignment is to locate a home that is currently for sale (use or any other real estate for sale site you like) to identify a home you would like to own. Using information from the listing, the property appraiser’s website, and other websites that you find useful; produce a report with the following data: 1. Summary description of the house including photos (explain why you selected this house). 2. Summary description of the neighborhood and community (explain why you like this neighborhood and community). 3. Find one or more comparable sales that justifies the value you place on the property. 4. Determine the cost of ownership of the home including the following: – What is the purchase cost (include price and closing costs)? – How much down payment is required? – What are your monthly PITI payments (what assumptions for the mortgage are you making)? – Estimate some monthly expenses that the house would have beyond PITI. – Estimate how much you would need to pay to furnish this house (including electronics). – Estimate how much money will be need to buy (include the down payment and costs to furnish). – Estimate how much income will be required to qualify for the mortgage and successfully afford the house. This should be about 2 to 3 pages. Submit as a PDF via Webcourses@fau on according to the date posted online. This is an individual assignment; if two or more identical assignments are turned in I will assume you worked together and divide the grade according.

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real estat paket
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