Reading Assignment

Read about entrepreneurship as an opportunity and how to begin to formulate an entrepreneurial idea: each of the areas under the following headings at this site:Opportunity

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Reading Assignment
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  • Entrepreneurship Is
  • Defining the Opportunity
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Why Be a Social Entrepreneur
  • The Idea Factory
  • Evaluate Your Idea
  • Your Intellectual Property
  • Profile: A Sense of Success
  • Profile: Ideas on Wheels

Next, read the following article from Harvard Business School on evaluating entrepreneurial ventures, spend some time at the following website reading about and reviewing different entrepreneurial ideas that you could potentially consider:

Part 1

Consider a business idea that you know about that has failed. Take some time to research information about this business. Based upon this week’s reading, why do you think it failed? What mistakes do you think the entrepreneur made when developing this business? Minimum words is 250.

Part 2

Read further about social entrepreneurs at the following website:

Choose one of these heroes and research one of the four individuals.  Read about this individual, and then explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS why you believe this person has been highlighted as a “hero,” and an example of the type of work that they’ve done.  Also explain how this work contributes toward the importance of entrepreneurship for the global economy.  Your assignment MUST also include the individual’s full name and the country that they work in, and cite your sources.  (If you cut and paste any information directly from the site, you will automatically fail the assignment.)

Your assignment must be at least 400 words in length.

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