Read the vignette quot;SunTrust Takes Training to the Bankquot; at the end of Chapter 7.

Read the vignette “SunTrust Takes Training to the Bank” at the end of Chapter 7. Review theinformation about needs assessment, training methods and measuring the success of trainingprograms in Chapter 7.SunTrust Banks, based in Atlanta, operates the eighth-largest U.S. bank. It also has severalsubsidiaries offering other financial services such as mortgage banking, insurance, andInvestment management. The bank serves customers in Florida, Georgia, Maryland, NorthCarolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. As thebanking industry struggled to recover from the recent financial crisis and recession (and newregulations) that followed, SunTrust’s management decided that the key to the company’s future laywith fully engaging employees in serving customers. That approach is consistent with the company’smission of “helping people and institutions prosper.”SunTrust began to restructure its banking business in accordance with three guiding principles: (1)operating as a single team; (2) putting clients first; and (3) focusing on profitable growth. Thisprinciple-driven approach to growth requires managers who know how to foster employees’commitment to their work and their clients. To that end, SunTrust has made it a priority to developmanagers’ leadership skills. First-line managers receive training in how to coach and lead others.Middle managers work with mentors on their leadership skills. Upper level managers useassessments by peers, subordinates, and others to identify areas for growth and, with coaching,develop leadership skills taught during a three-week training program. SunTrust also selects its top3,500 managers to receive training in employee engagement. For training aimed at emotions to berelevant, it must enable better job performance. The bank also provides learning support on itsSunTrust Learning Portal. Since SunTrust initiated the new training programs, it has seen evidence ofimproved performance.Directions:You are the Training Manager for SunTrust. The Director of HR has some specific inquiries about thenew programs and the future of the training programs. Address the following four items of concernfrom the Director in a 500-word business memo.1. Define “needs assessment”. Identify the three questions that SunTrust would need to answerto assess their needs in the broad areas of organization, person, and tasks.2. List an appropriate traditional training method that could be used to foster ethical behavior atSunTrust.3. List two appropriate ways that SunTrust could measure the success of its training program.I’ve attached vignette “SunTrust Takes Training to the Bank” as well as rubric for assignment.

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Read the vignette quot;SunTrust Takes Training to the Bankquot; at the end of Chapter 7.
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