Read the Extended Case 1:

Read the Extended Case 1: Turmoil at the Granger Group (attached)

Select a major daily newspaper in a nearby major metropolitan area. Pretend it is the Dallas Fort Worth Gazette in the case you just read. Conduct a market analysis and consider what new media offerings are needed, whether and how to change the organization’s structure, culture, communication, as well as its legal and personal documents. Start by reading the most recent profile of your selected market.

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Read the Extended Case 1:
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Use the sources and suggestions provided in the section entitled Backgrounder 2:” Seeking Information to Solve Problems and Make Decisions” to conduct your analysis and research of the market. Obtain as much information as you can about the demographics, psychographics, and other characteristics of the city’s residents. Analyze the major demographic and lifestyle characteristics of residents. 

  • Compare the leadership styles of Arthur, William, and Amber. Describe what is positive about the way each leads, what is negative about the way each leads, and what each manager did that led to the problems each is facing now.
  • Explain how each manager can improve his or her own leadership and communication.
  • Conduct a market analysis of the major city you have selected. Review chapters 7, 8, and 9 before answering. Use the information in those chapters as a guide for what to include in your market analysis.
  • Recommend how the organizational structure should be changed to meet the firm’s goals and change the organizations culture. Use the organizational structure and chain of command of the major daily newspaper you have selected and pretend they are the Gazette’s. (In other words, find relevant organizational charts or documents from actual local outlets to serve as the organizational structure of the Gazette owned by the Granger group in the scenario.) Make sure your recommendations fit the organizational goals outlined in the case study. Also, be sure your recommendations will ensure good communication within and between all Granger outlets and the group owner.
  • Develop a research proposal to identify and explain the new media offerings needed. Help the Gazette’s managers decide what new media sites or services to offer and to whom those services should be targeted. Be sure the research encompasses the various new media, digital, Internet, video streaming, podcasting, and other possibilities.

The goal with this extended case study is to give you a chance to consider major problems that you are likely to face at various points in your career. The second goal is to instruct you on how to find good, relevant information to aid in problem-solving, and decision-making. The third goal is to provide a real-life situation to apply theory, research, and data analysis

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