Read Chapter 4 of the textbook.

Create a 2 to 3 minute Self-introduction Speech (based on an object) that informs your audience of some aspect of you as a person, and is delivered extemporaneously from brief notes (see definition on p. 242) on 4 x 6 index cards. Use eye contact as much as possible.

Select an object (other than a book or photo) that represents something important about your background, personality, values, ambitions, goals, etc. Then develop your speech by explaining how the object relates to your life.  For example, if your passion is tennis, bring a racket and tell why the sport is so important to you. Or you might bring a diaper as a way to discuss your life as a new dad.  If you want to become a journalist, bring a magazine to represent your career goals. Be as creative as you like here, remembering that the point of the speech is not to focus on the object but to use it as a means for your audience to learn something interesting about you.

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Read Chapter 4 of the textbook.
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To ensure that you achieve maximum points for the speech, thoroughly attend to the following:

Decide what aspect of your life you want to highlight and locate an object that illustrates it.

Study Chapter 4 “Organizing the Speech” on pp. 66-67.

Understand “speaking extemporaneously” and write out your 4 x 6 note cards (p. 68).

Practice, practice, practice out loud (in front of a mirror, to a friend or family member) until your speech flows well, is the right length, and you are feeling confident.

Review the “Presenting the Speech” section on p. 70-71.

Display your object where it can be clearly seen or hold it up at an appropriate time in your speech.Hide 

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