Ratio Analysis

  •  The following questions need to be answered in at last one paragraph. It must be fully answered with examples.  These questions are based in healthcare; therefore, the responses must be healthcare related. Please don’t give one word responses.  Each paragraph must be at a minimum of 200 words.  If it states “Provide support for your strategy or support for your rationale” It must be included.If you cannot follow the above instructions, please don’t take the assignment.
  • From the scenario, interpret the operating indicators used to analyze the financial performance of the organization. Indicate specific ways in which this information will help management improve the performance of the organization. Provide support for your rationale. 
  • Assume that you are a hospital administrator, and one of your responsibilities is selecting financial ratios to be included on your management dashboard.
  • Determine the two (2) most critical financial ratios for you to monitor at your facility
  • indicate how each of these ratios would help you assess the current performance of your facility. Provide support for your rationale.
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