Rapid Freight Communications Refresh.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Rapid Freight Communications Refresh. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As stated above, Rapid Freight hopes to excel in providing logistics services and efficient transport facilities to the clients. However, there are several challenges that are closely related to the business structure. This asserts that Rapid Freight has several requirements as a freight forwarder. According to the case study, it is quite evident that Rapid Freight requires an improved transport system. Rapid Freight operates in a highly competitive environment, therefore. the company requires an improved transport system to cope with the growing number of clients. An improved transport system will ensure that Rapid Freight has an on-time delivery schedule. The improved transport system can also involve video conferencing in order to reduce travel-related issues (White, 2011).

Rapid Freight also needs to upgrade its telephone system. Currently, Rapid Freight uses the ISDN telephone system that is quite outdated. Research asserts that the company has been avoiding upgrades due to the high cost involved. The ISDN telephone system has significantly hindered Rapid Freight from optimal performance (White, 2011). In addition, the ISDN service provider has turned out to be extremely costly to Rapid Freight International. This affirms that the company should invest in an upgraded telephone system that will significantly lower costs and ensure maximum consumer protection.

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Rapid Freight should improve their overall communication system to ensure customer satisfaction. A robust communication system allows clients to communicate effectively with the representatives of the company in regard to freight services. According to the case study, the voice mail system belonging to Rapid Freight is overloaded due to the high influx of messages sent by clients (White, 2011). Although the mobile workforce of the company has also grown rapidly, the company can enhance the mode of technology used by the drivers. Introducing new technology among the drivers will ensure that the drivers are able to scan consignments and later sync them through a GPRS link to the headquarters of the company, whereby the consignments are usually tracked.

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