Rape crisis among Native American women and women in eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Finding the solution. It is quite unfortunate that ever since its formation in 2003 FARDC, the integrated Congolese national army, has remained as the main perpetrators behind the sexual violence in Congo. It can be found that sexual violence in Congo has been committed not only by the national government security forces but also by other rebel groups, militias, and criminal organizations. The predicament of the victims of rapes in the D.R.C is quite pathetic as they face social alienation, post traumatic disorders or diseases, and are negated of proper health care. They suffer from both short-term and long-term consequences of rapes in terms of their health condition, mental and psychological well-being, and social acceptance. One of the drawbacks of the Congolese judicial and legislative system is that it fails miserably to deter perpetrators indulging in sexual violence. The number of perpetrators who have been prosecuted is very much limited whereas there have been only exceptional cases where the culprits have been convicted. The economic resources of Congo have prompted many national and global interest groups to maintain the insecure environment and status quo in the D.R.C for their ulterior motives. The rebel army forces are motivated by the Congo’s minerals which forms an essential supply for various industrialized consumer products in the global village. It can be observed that the DRC is tormented by the world’s worst and most forsaken humanitarian crises in the form of violence-both physical and sexual. The nation witnessed not only years of economic and political decline but also extreme violence and widespread rape during and after the war of 1998-2002. The predicament of women and young girls in the D.R.C calls for prompt actions. Even though there are international and Congolese laws aimed at guarding women against rapes and sexual violence the lack of strong political will from the part of the government fail to put these laws into practice. One of the essential prerequisites to bring down the large rates of rapes in the DRC is to create a stronger deterrent effect on the perpetrators of the region. The soldiers, their commanders and the civilians should be brought before the law and prosecuted whatever may be their rank or ethnicity. The judicial justice system should yield solace to the victims. Thus, the current status quo in the nation calls for comprehensive efforts from the political, executive and judicial system of the nation. Similarly, women empowerment and the emergence of women political leaders would better represent the needs of women and girls in the D.R.C. Similarly, studies have also shown that the Native American women are yet another vulnerable group that is exposed to rape crisis like the D.R.C. It is estimated that the highest incidence of sexual assault in the United States take place among the Native Americans among whom the Alaskan Native women form the majority. Sexual violence towards the Native American women can be traced back to the colonial period.

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Rape crisis among Native American women and women in eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo
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