Racing, Finance and Sponsorship.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Racing, Finance and Sponsorship. It needs to be at least 2500 words. The main aim of the new design is to create a more user-friendly, light and agile vehicle. By way of innovative solutions and technological up gradation the formula students aim to rank among the Top 5 at the event and emerge as the top team in the UK at the car racing program. The team management works towards maintaining high standards for the vehicle and develop technical prowess of the members and create environmental awareness. However, the success of the efforts is based on the support that it is able to garner from the corporate, as University assistance is not sufficient to take care of the funding associated with the design and development of the car.

Brunel Racing team comprises mechanical engineering and motorsport students. The designing work is entrusted to the third year students. Ever since the team was established in the year 1999 it has participated in a range of Formula Student competitions across worldwide locations, which includes the famous Hockenheim and Silverstone Grand Prix circuits (Brunel University West London-a, n.d.).

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Racing, Finance and Sponsorship.
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For more than a decade the University team has participated in this event. Going by the rise in the number of Universities participating in the program the event is now eagerly awaited. The amount of media exposure at such events is also high. In the last year’s event, there was extensive media coverage of the event. Many small and large businesses lend their support to the event and their number is continually growing.

These businesses get the opportunity to reach out to the masses by sponsoring the events. Their logos or corporate names are advertised on the race route and along the street leading to the event venue. Besides helping them in raising the bottom-line of the business they are able to forge an alliance with the University members. By reaching out to the University students these companies also get the chance to fulfill their corporate social responsibility.&nbsp.

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