Questions For A Second Reading

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Questions For A Second Reading. Richard Miller organizes the whole chapter in further sub heading in an easy manner so as to give something useful in his all passage from major points to lower one. Its very first passage tells about the failure of modern world. According to him the problem actually lies in the advancement of technology and all the imagination unrestricted by realities that has called forth, which has dimmed the line between reality world and fantasy, between fact and fiction. Therefore he has given stress on the use of old fashioned and modest way of entertainment like reading novels, books and other story books that create a strong human interaction in man and always keep the man in reality. He first gives the example of modern world with Columbine Massacre and its failure.

Miller has described all the problems of modern world in an organized manner and selected the major problems lies in the modern world in a very easy way. He at start tells about two master minded boys, Harris and Dylan Klebold, were outsiders in whom one was follower and one is leader indulged in evil activities, killed many adults and finally were in funerals, himself in his writing did not accept the idea of blaming others on his actions. Miller has started from the problems of Harris then goes to further more critical problems in a very systematic and organized manner. He forces us to think how do the threats of unforeseen and unpredictable can be eliminated either with the help of educational system or legal system. According to him problem should be stopped at its roots. It should not be increased. It is a challenge for legal and education institution to control the problem from its ground.

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Questions For A Second Reading
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Miller has used lexis phonic and dense style in his writing. His writing style is very cognitive and knowledgeable.

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