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In this module, we study email as a source of workplace friction. Think of an example from your own work (not personal) experience, in which some form of message created a conflict. Think of a single example, not several.

What do you believe created the conflict: choice of words, tone, format, or something else? If there were two or more factors, discuss their relative importance. How could the conflict have been avoided?

I am a Platoon Sergeant in the National Guards, responsible for 55 soldiers in my platoon. Before our drill weekends come up I relay information about upcoming drills thru military emails to all my soldier’s. If you are in the military you will probably agree or disagree on my next comment. Military web mail is the worst they ever created (at least the way it’s set up). Majority of the time most of my soldiers can’t get in it, which lead to sending out the information in a different manner without sending sensitive information. Due to this issue, all the information does not get out. That’s why we do teleconference with the senior Non-Commission Officer to pass out the rest of the information to the lower enlisted.

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