Clayman, M. R., Fridson, M. S., & Troughton, G. H. (2012). Corporate finance: a practical approach Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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·         Must be APA format

·         Times New Roman 12 Point Font

·         Each answer per unit must be at least 80 words.

Unit 1 Discussion Questions

Briefly describe each of the following: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flow, and Statement of Retained Earnings. 

Unit 2 Discussion Questions

Why would two coupon bonds with the same maturity have a different yield to maturity?

Unit 3 Discussion Questions

How does the growth rate used in the total payout model differ from the growth rate used in the dividend-discount model?

Unit 4 Discussion Questions

The workbook presented a story about Janet Wu, the treasurer of Wilson Paper Company. If you were an investor in Wilson Paper Company, would you be happy with an open market repurchasing of shares? Why or why not? Support your stance using evidence from the story and information from the chapter.

*****For Question 4 Use the info below as a guide.*****

A company can return wealth to its shareholders by stock price appreciation and dividends (Jansen, 2015). It is a good idea for share repurchasing because this means the company is investing in itself by using cash to buy its own shares (Jansen, 2015). The company absorbs the repurchased shares and any outstanding shares will be reduced in the market. Essentially, investor ownership stake increases with fewer shares on the earnings of the company (Jansen, 2015)

According to Clayman, Fridman, and Troughton (2012), the dividend policy of share repurchasing has many advantages that include tax advantages, share price support/signaling of a good investment, added managerial flexibility, offsetting dilution from employee stocks, and increasing financial leverage. In addition, the uses of repurchasing of shares are used to improve financial rations (balance sheet, ROA, ROE) and when the market has discounted share price too steeply. Repurchasing of shares would be good for stock that is undervalued and marked as a positive sign for shareholders. However, repurchasing of shares for short-term relief to pump up ratios to fix an ailing stock price or getting out of dilution has the opposite effect (Jansen, 2015).


Clayman, M., Fridson, M., & Troughton, G. (2012). Corporate finance. A practical approach. Second Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoboken, New Jersey.

Jansen, C. (2015). Stock buybacks: breakdown. Investopedia. Retrieved from

Unit 5 Discussion Questions

How does the growth rate of a firm affect the optimal fraction of debt in the capital structure?

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