Question 1:A parallel-plate capacitor with plate separation d is connected to a battery that has potential difference AV ba.Without breaking any of the connections, we use insulating handles to increase the plate separation to 3d.a. Does the potential difference AV change as the separation increases? If so, by what factor? Explain youranswer.b. Does the capacitance change? If so, by what factor? Explain your answer.c. Does the capacitor charge Q change? If so, by what factor? Explain your answer.Question 2:For the capacitor shown in Figure 1, what is the potential difference Avb between points a and b? Explain yourchoice.a. 6Vb. 6 tan (30) Vc. 6 sin (30) Vd. 6 cos(30 ) Ve. 6/sin(30) Vf. 6/cos(30) VBatteryFigure I: Potential difference between points a and b

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