For questions 1-4 please be sure to cite your source of information with an in-text citation and reference list.

1.Visit the Learning Services Website to become more familiar with the many helpfulresources available to all students at all times.

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● Describe at least 3 of the resources (besides “Effective E-MailCommunication”) on the Learning Services Website that you feel will be personallybeneficial to you as you begin your academic journey and how you plan to utilize theresources.

2. After re-reading Chapter 10 Discuss potential obstacles to becoming an effective publicspeaker. Discuss the specific obstacles that you have encountered.

3. Discuss in detail at least 5 strategies to overcome the obstacles discussed in question four.How have you applied any of these strategies in your public speaking experiences?

4. Discuss the tips Chapter 10 outlines for using visual aidsin your presentations. This should include presenting words and visuals in a manner that theyhave the greatest impact.

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