Can you please help me with these questions.

1.    The CFO is doing some research for the Chief Risk Officer and she has asked you to rate the following liability exposure areas on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being low exposure and 10 being high exposure:

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a.    Premises and ongoing operations

b.    Professional errors and omissions liability

c.    Products and completed operations

d.    Aviation liability

e.    Automobile liability

f.     Workers’ Compensation and employers’ liability

g.    Watercraft liability

h.    Pollution liability

i.     Management liability (Directors and Officers, Employment Practices, etc.)

2.    A customer of PDI was injured at the warehouse in Houston when a large blowout preventer slipped and fell on his leg. PDI’s attorney has asked you to file a “Products Liability” claim since the item causing the injury was a PDI product. What do you tell the attorney?

3.    The VP of HR called saying that she thinks we’re being sued because one of our employees was drunk and caused an auto accident during work hours. She didn’t think that could possibly stand up because the employee was violating company policy. What would you tell her?

4.    The PDI attorney called to say that PDI has received a lawsuit from the widow of a former employee who was killed in an offshore platform explosion. The widow is basing her lawsuit on “loss of consortium” but the attorney says that, since this arose from a Workers Compensation claim, PDI is immune from lawsuits. Explain to the attorney when PDI can be sued over matters involving a Workers Compensation incident.

5.    The CFO of PDI is concerned about the various sources of legal liability the company faces. She wants to make sure that each exposure area is properly addressed in the PDI risk management plan. Explain to the CFO what the sources of legal liability are and give an example of each.

6.    The CFO read an article recently which stated that in cases of “strict liability” the accused was presumed guilty of negligence just because an injury had occurred. The CFO wants to k now if PDI has any exposure to “strict liability” and also, what other sources of “Tort Liability” are there.

7.    Our contracts administrator has asked you how PDI can be held “contractually liable”. How would you respond?

8.    Our Compliance Officer is doing a study to determine what laws obligate PDI to do certain specific things. He has asked if there are any such laws related to our insurance program.

9.    One of our Production Superintendents has called in saying that he hard we were going to be sued in connection with an explosion in a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia where one of our pressure vessels happened to be located and he didn’t feel we could possibly be negligent. He asked what has to be shown for someone to be “negligent”. What is your answer?

10. Fearful of the pending lawsuit, the Superintendent asked how we might go about defending ourselves. What would you tell him?

11. One of the PDI workers was seriously injured in an accident at the Houston warehouse when a load he was lifting with a forklift shifted causing the forklift to turn over and the load to fall on the operator. A Workers Compensation claim was immediately file and is going smoothly but the CFO wants to know what “post loss” actions you would take to prevent this claim from getting bigger than it needs to be and to prevent future accidents of this type.

12. With consideration for “Loss Prevention”, the CFO wants you to list 10 things that PDI could do to prevent or reduce claims associated with the operation of vehicles.

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