need help with a researching these following questions for amazon:

  1. In looking at your Income Statement, is it set up in single step or multiple step format? Why do you think they used this format?
  2. How has financial performance changed over the last year? What were the primary reasons for this financial change?
  3. How does your company recognize revenue? Please refer to the ‘Notes to the financial statements’ to verify the company’s GAAP approach to recognizing revenue.
  4. Does your company have any ‘Special Items’? (i.e. Discontinued Operations, Cumulative change in accounting principle and/or extraordinary item). Please identify any disclosures related to them.
  5. What are your company’s basic and diluted earnings per share? What elements have made this number different? (Note: If these numbers are the same, what elements in the company’s capital structure could make these numbers different?)
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