question 1 project planning

each question must be a minimum of 200 wds

question 1 project planning

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question 1 project planning
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Why do we need to create a WBS? Think about a project you have worked on in the past. Was there a formal work breakdown structure (WBS) for this project? If so, what worked well? What did not? If there was not a WBS, how would an effective WBS have helped? Discuss with your classmates the benefits and limitations of WBS.

Question 2 pt 1 american history

For your first post, give your evidenced opinion on whether most immigrants traveling into the United States during the late 19th century could attain the ideal of the “American Dream.”

Question 2 pt 2

For your second post, respond to a classmate’s first post by offering a comparison to another group’s experience that reveals the range and complexity of immigrant experience in this period.

Remember, both posts need to apply specific data from the reading and to move the conversation forward rather than repeating what is already on the board to gain full points

(this is the post that you need to respond to “

From about 1870 until 1915 the United States economy saw significant growth in wages.The American dream, of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness had great appeal to many around the world, and so the huddled masses began their journey to America. While for some the dream would become a reality, others foundthat the American dream was not just difficult to achieve, it was in many ways impossible.

By the time the Civil War ended and the turn of the century was upon them, the United States would have one of the largest changes in her history to the economy and to her way of life. Pre-Civil War the vast majority of the population still lived and worked the land as farmers. However, around 1875 the vast majority of the population would begin to migrate away from the farm to the cities of the east coast. Immigrants would arrive in the United States in a time period where their was a great racial divide that would prohibit most from seeking their dreams. While Carnegie and others would say that “the laborer now had more than the landlord”, the reality was the factory owner had an almost inexhaustible source of cheap labor in the immigrant population and the gross conditions that they were forced to work in, made achieving anything difficult. Simply stated the needs of the few were met and achieved on the backs of the many at roughly .20 cents per hour. Facing 12 hour days in the steel mills and 10 hour days in the textile plants many laborers found that the only free time they had was the time they had to sleep and dream. In my mind America was anything but a dream.”)

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