Question 1 A long-arm statute gives a court personal jurisdiction over: Answer a. citizens of nearby states b.

Question 1A long-arm statute gives a court personal jurisdiction over:Answera. citizens of nearby statesb. non-residents who have minimum contacts with that statec. residents of that state onlyd. aliens1 points Question 2Jurisdiction over property located within the boundaries of a state is called:Answera. in propria jurisdictionb. in rem jurisdictionc. in personam jurisdictiond. in-state jurisdiction1 points Question 3____________________ jurisdiction limits the power of a court to certain types of cases.Answera. exclusiveb. subject-matterc. generald. concurrent1 points Question 4Venue refers to:Answera. the most appropriate location for a trialb. the procedure for appealing a casec. the basis for selecting an attorneyd. the subject matter of a case1 points Question 5Michael is a resident of Ohio. While driving through California, he has an accident with Sandy, a California resident. Sandy files a lawsuit against Michael in a California state court for damages caused by the accident. Who has personal jurisdiction over Michael?Answera. no oneb. Ohioc. California, if it has a long-arm statuted. both Ohio and California1 points Question 6Federal question jurisdiction involves what type of case?Answera. interpretation of the U.S. Constitutionb. interpretation of federal statutes or regulationsc. interpretation of treaties d. all of the above1 points Question 7David loses his breach of contract case against Gillian in a state trial court. David appeals to the state court of appeals. If he loses that appeal, where can he appeal his case?Answera. to the U.S. court of appealsb. to the U.S. district courtc. to the state supreme courtd. to the U.S. Supreme Court1 points Question 8Martin is a resident of Missouri. He files a lawsuit against Centerville Farm Supply in a Missouri a trial court. Does the Missouri circuit court have original jurisdiction?Answera. yes, because trial courts are usually courts of original jurisdiction b. yes, because venue is properc. no, the Missouri court has appellate authorityd. no, because trial courts are usually courts of limited jurisdiction1 points Question 9Karen was 2 years old when her uncle bought a handgun. He wrapped the gun in a towel and placed it under the seat of his car. While Karen was helping her uncle clean out his car, the gun fell out of the towel, hit the pavement and discharged. The bullet struck Karen in the head and killed her. Karen’s parents filed suit against the gun retailer alleging that the handgun was defective. The retailer filed a motion to dismiss the case claiming that Karen’s parents lacked standing to sue. Do Karen’s parents have standing in this case?Answera. no, the parents have no standingb. yes, because Karen’s parents have a stake in the outcome of casec. no, because because venue is improperd. no, because Karen was a minor when she was killed1 points Question 10Charlotte sued Ronnie for breach of contract. Ronnie received notice of the lawsuit while talking to his neighbor. Has Charlotte satisfied the due process requirements necessary to establish personal jurisdiction over Ronnie?Answera. yes, as long as Ronnie has actual notice of the suitb. yes, because it is not up to Charlotte to make sure Ronnie knows about the suitc. yes, because Ronnie is a low-down, dirty, rotten cheater who deserves to get suedd. no, Ronnie must be personally served with a summons

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Question 1 A long-arm statute gives a court personal jurisdiction over: Answer a. citizens of nearby states b.
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