Quality and Audit in Occupational Health.

Need help with my writing homework on Quality and Audit in Occupational Health. Write a 5500 word paper answering; 80% of the workers are in their 40’s and have been working with the company for almost 10 years. They are exposed to the specified job for a long time and the task they are dealing with every day is believed to be a risk factor for the development or aggravation of pre-existing musculoskeletal disorder or MSD conditions.

For the purpose of confidentiality, the true identity of the company shall not be divulged. Instead, it will be referred to as the “construction company”. All the workers will be called “workers” or “construction workers”, to maintain their anonymity as individual beings.

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Quality and Audit in Occupational Health.
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This project aimed to assess the importance of applying early intervention for back pain as the main cause of recurring off work or sickness absences in the workplace or “construction company” which was specifically identified in the previous section. Considering the nature of the work environment wherein construction workers are confronted with daily challenges of intensive construction work that requires extreme usage of hands, wrist, neck, and shoulders as well as risk factors resulting to back injury and pain, development of strain and sprain of the muscles is apparently common. There are 2.2 million people in Britain, working for the construction industry, thus making it the country’s largest industry as well as one of the most dangerous. Over 2,800 people have died from injuries incurred from construction work in the last 25 years. Therefore, it is very important that the problem with health issues in this particular industry be promptly addressed (hse.gov.uk, 2009).

Based on surveys, back pain is considered one of the most common reasons for chronic disability and incapacity for work in the UK. Subsequently, up to 9.5 million working days are lost in 2005/2006 in the UK alone, and the figures for those receiving incapacity benefits are also surging.&nbsp.

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