Qualitative research and quantitative research

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Qualitative research and quantitative research. It needs to be at least 250 words. Qualitative research and quantitative research Research involves scientific exploration of data for development of new knowledge base that may aim atbridging identified knowledge gap, developing theory, or verifying an existing theory. Research can be qualitative or quantitative and this paper defines the two types and supports the position that quantitative research is more valid than qualitative research.

Qualitative research defines a natural approach to analysis of a subject matter. The researcher investigates subjects in their natural occurrence and from people’s perspectives, a scope that identifies a subjective approach and applies strategies such as “case studies, personal experience, life story, interview, and observation” among other techniques (Neergaard and Ulhoi, 2007, p. 5). Quantitative research however defines a scientific approach to measurement and evaluation of relationships between variables. It involves a systematic and predetermined approach that develops hypothesis from background information on a topic of interest, collects data, and analyses data for evaluating the set hypothesis (Nykiel, 2007).

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Quantitative research is more valid than qualitative research and difference in characteristics of the two research methods support this. Level of objectivity of quantitative research than qualitative research methods establish higher-level validity on quantitative research than on qualitative research because qualitative research is subjective and therefore susceptible to bias from researchers and research participants. This is contrary to the scope of quantitative research whose data and data analysis methods are, significantly, independent of researchers and research participants’ influence. Quantitative research designs, such as experimental and quasi-experimental designs, also ensure accuracy of collected data towards validity. The deductive approach of quantitative research as compared to qualitative research’s inductive approach also supports higher-level validity in quantitative research (Hays and Singh, 2011).


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