Public to Private Partnerships.

I will pay for the following article Public to Private Partnerships. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The cost is borne by the taxpayers (Tunčikienė, Grenčiková, & Skačkauskienė, 2014).

In other cases, the cost of the investment is borne exclusively by the private investor during the contract with the government on the provision of the specified services of public interest while the total cost of the project is borne by the government. The government may also provide initiative that attracts various investors into a specific venture aimed at the production of goods for public consumption (Vinogradov, Shadrina & Kokareva, 2014).

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Public to Private Partnerships.
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In this form of contract, the government provides capital subsidies to the private company, such as the one-time grant to make the venture economically attractive. The government may as well provide the private partner with various revenue subsidies such as tax break as well as the removal of other guaranteed revenues for a particular period (Smith, 2008).

Public-Private Partnership operates under two principal drivers. First, the public-private partnership (PPP) enables the public sector through the intervention of the government to optimum harness the expertise and various specific efficiencies of the private sectors. Such contracts entail the provision of certain services and delivery of particular facilities initially carried out by the public sector. Secondly, the PPP protects the public sector in making borrowing during the process of delivery of certain services of public interest. Instead of public borrowing, the private sector incurs all the cost of the project and is involved in the solicitation of the project capital on behalf of the public sector.

Privatization of the prison in Florida State is an epitome of a public-private-partnership. As with other PPP, the privatization of the prison majorly operates on two principal drivers. These include the harnessing of the expertise of the private venture in prison management as well as cushioning the public sector from financial strains involved in the&nbsp.financing of the prison services.&nbsp.

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