Public Key.

 The aggregate result may be obtained as follows n (n − 1)/2 key (Gaubatz, Kaps, & Sunar, 2005).

it is false because Cryptography public key utilizes a different key when decrypting and another one during encryption to solve distribution challenges. For example, if Bob and Alice focus to initiate communication among them, the two parties must provide each other their public key that they utilize. Further, Alice may execute encryption on her message and send her information to Bob using the public key that is being used by Bob. Knowing that only Bob, the possessor of Bob’s private key, can decrypt information provided. On the other hand, Bob should initiate encryption of his message using Alice Public key to making communication effective. It is imperative to note that Public keys can secure storage space in a database in order ensure the keys do not have to be. Not only does public key cryptography solve critical Security: Cryptographic communication and authentication distribution. Moreover, it addresses the barrier of getting [n (n-1)]/2 keys that emerge from users n (Gaubatz, Kaps, & Sunar, 2005). Therefore, we only need 2n keys (n public and n private).

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It can be that when the encryption key being utilized has discrepancies with the decryption key, it implies that one is using a public key algorithm. A good example of such key is the RSA. Further, it may not be possible to compute description Key may not within the reasonable period. It means that the encryption key is made public and, therefore, the origin of the name public key algorithm. It implies that a stranger or an authorized access may encrypt the data/the message but only the decryption key holder is the only person who can execute message decryption. It is imperative to note that, for digital signals implementation, it is possible to encrypt the message using the private key and decrypt it using the public key.

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