Psychological disorders.

It should be highlighted that anxiety is responsible for affecting mood however it is responsible for causing several emotions such as fear and hopelessness but should not in itself be considered as a mood disorder because even if anxiety impacts on the mood it is not correlated with mood. Essentially, mood problems as a result of anxiety are only secondary to the condition.

Mood disorders are a category of mental health problems that are inclusive of all forms of depression and bipolar disorder. The causation agents of mood disorders are not definitively known but are attributed to endorphins which are chemicals in the brain responsible for positive moods and neurotransmitters which regulate the endorphins secretes in the brain. It is widely held that an imbalance in the endorphin and neurotransmitters level causes depression and a variety of other mood disorders. However, other unwanted life changes could also contribute to depression and other mood disorders (Gamez 67).

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 Psychological disorders.
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Mood disorders are characterized by the following conditions-mania(inflated ego, hyperactivity, euphoria and unrealistic optimism)seasonal affective disorder, major depression and cyclothymia which is a mild form of bipolar disorder .Depression is considered as a separate condition even though it is associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders. It needs to be treated on its own. Recent studies that mood disorders are highly correlated with anxiety disorders and a poll conducted by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance revealed that close to 90% of people living with mood disorders suffered from depression too and a big majority of them were undiagnosed.

In any given month in the US, an estimated 20% of the population is reported to exhibit a symptom of depression and around 12% exhibit multiple symptoms of depression in a year. In 1992, a survey was conducted with an aim of finding prevalence rates of depression in the population

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