PSCI 203 American Government Syllabus (Spring 2020)


Each examination will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. The examination will cover material from the start of the course up to the date of the examination. The exams will appear on Blackboard under the “Exams” link. The professor will email students via blackboard the password and which of the four exams the student is assigned prior to the exam start time. The exams are scheduled and must be taken during the normal course time. Any exceptions for the exam time must be arranged with the professor at least 24 hours before the exam and will be scheduled after the regularly scheduled exam. The exams permit open notes, lectures, or whatever resources used to study for the course, so long as the exam is taken on an individual basis. Keep in mind, because of this, the exam questions are specific to the assigned readings. If one has not completed readings AND understood the content, the exams will be very challenging.

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PSCI 203 American Government Syllabus (Spring 2020)
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The exam question difficulty/content will be reflected in the reading levels. The majority of the exam questions will come from the “C” level readings. The remaining questions will be based on the “A” and “B” level readings.

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