Provide a concise critique of the business plan presentation and content including

Part 1: ProductlServiceSugs is invisible socks with adjustable strings that can be tightened to secure the socks in place. Each sock will have two strings. Each string will mn from either side of the sock rimand meet in the back, where it can be tied into a knot. Invisible socks share the functions offered by any other socks. Wearing socks in generalpromote good hygiene. A person has 250,000 sweat glands in their feet that are responsible forproducing about half a pint of sweat everyday (“Foot Facts,“ n.d.). The normal microorganismspresent on human skin, specifically Staphylococcus epidemfdr’s and Pmpionibacterfum acnes.will breakdown the amino acids present in sweat which lead to production of foot odor (Ara etal.. 2006). Having socks around yourfeet will absorb the sweat which decreases the activity ofmicroorganisms and consequently the smell (Socks n Socks, n.d.). Socks also have the functionof protecting the feet. Depending on the material of the shoes, shoes can cause varyingdegrees of skin damage when the interior rub against the feet. In addition, walking alone cancause tension buildup in the feet that equate to the forces of a truck fully loaded with cement(“Foot Facts,” n.d.). By wearing socks, the fabric acts as a cushion between the shoes and thefeet, which prevents cuts and reduces tension on the feet. Sugs are essentially invisible socks, but it lasts longer. Invisible socks wear out relativelyquickly because they rely on hooking on to the heels to keep on the feet. Over time. the fabricaround the rim of the socks become stretched out. As a result, the socks will slip off under thefeet and into the shoes. Sugs incorporate adjustable strings to combat this problem. Theadjustable strings enable the rim of invisible socks to be tightened even when the fabric stretchout. Hence, they can be worn comfortably for a longer period of time. Sugs will appeal to both women and men of any profession, and of any age. The mainfactor that drive the invisible socks trend is its aesthetic appeal. People often choose to wearshoes that fit the oc-sion, whether it is for exercising, for casual wear, or for a job interview.Some of these shoes expose the front of the feet andl’or the ankle areas. These shoes includedress shoes, plimsoll shoesI flats, and boat shoes. As a result, people will choose to wearinvisible socks because they do not show when these shoes are worn. Therefore, our targetmarket will generally be those who own shoes that expose more of the skin. Sugs will be an online business that exclusively sell invisible socks with adjustablestrings. There are several online platforms in Canada that sell invisible socks. Some examplesinclude Simons, Amazon Canada, Sportchek, Sockbox,Yo-sox, and more. However, theseonline platforms offer an assortment of products or socks of different lengths. Therefore, ouronline business will differentiate itself from others by selling only invisible socks with adjustablestrings.

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Provide a concise critique of the business plan presentation and content including
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