Prototype Interface Design.

Provide a 13 pages analysis while answering the following question: Prototype Interface Design. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. To develop such applications experts are applying interface design, which is the process involved in combining multiple modules that communicate with each other with the main purpose of improving the experience of a user. Interface design is being widely applied to computers, machines, development of software, and in our case, it is widely applied on mobile phones. (Tidwell, 2011)

To be able to better aspire the imagination of end-users, the maker of mobile devices have developed gadgets which are slim, with large screens which have very efficient processors to boot. Such qualities are making interface designs a dominant feature in the mobile device. For its own efficiency, and interface design should be simple to a fault, quick inaccessibility, and favors the understanding of content and navigation.

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An interface that does not meet the above characteristics on mobile phones fails to achieve its purpose by a certain margin. During the study of this report, the developer is going to tackle through a step to step analysis of his interface design creation. The interface creation is specifically for mobile phone devices for use by lovers of movies.

The design goes by the maiden name of mobile application movies for rent. The idea is unique in its totality and it will excite the consumers in more ways than one. With this design, the developer aims to introduce a practical approach to movie entertainment while assisting the industry to make respectable amounts on the same.

The platform has a simple component behind it. A customer can either buy or rent a movie online. The customer chooses the movie they would love to watch, then using the globally accepted card payment options the customer pays online and immediately they get an option to download the chosen movie. Under the rent option, a customer can lease a movie for a few days after.

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