Core Learning Objectives:

  • Develop complex topics with a rhetorical purpose.
  • Deploy grammar and mechanics of standard written English.
  • Use complex syntax and varied sentence structure.
  • Incorporate correctly cited materials.
  • Defend a reasonable position


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 Using the same topic as the causal essay, develop a proposal essay which identifies an existing problem and offers a solution to that problem. Your essay must offer something of value (inform, entertain) to your audience. Use the sample essays in your text and in the content modules as models. Class time will be given to review your essay with your instructor and with your classmates.

Essay assignments must be stapled, formatted in Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font, and contain the following elements in this order:

  1. Essay in MLA format
  2. Editing/Revision Guide completed by peer reviewer(General Resource Folder online course)
  3. Instructor Rubric
  4. Skills Mastery Sheet (located in the General Resources Folder; you will use the same one for every essay)

Grading Rubric for  Proposal Essay

I. CONTENT (50 points)

  • The subject is focused, significant, interesting, and manageable. It is appropriate for college-level work and fulfills the requirements of the assignment. It may demonstrate an effective originality and/or a challenging level of academic/intellectual difficulty.
  • The paper contains sufficient, specific supporting evidence for assertions, in the form of examples, details, and discussion. The supporting evidence demonstrates originality, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and/or significant and appropriate research. Lapses in reasoning are avoided. When appropriate, opposing viewpoints are acknowledged and effectively addressed.
  • Supporting evidence from sources is accurately paraphrased, summarized, and/or quoted
  •  There is an effective ratio between evidence and discussion. 

II. ORGANIZATION (20 points)

  • The paper’s introduction leads smoothly and coherently to the thesis statement–i.e., it contains a well-developed introductory paragraph that provides an explanation of the topic’s significance, and/or background/context.
  • The thesis clearly and effectively states the paper’s central point. It is precise and is neither too broad nor too narrow. It is positioned appropriately–usually near the end of the introduction.
  • Each body paragraph contains a controlling idea that supports the thesis and that may be expressed in a clear, precise topic sentence. Supporting evidence is related to the controlling idea. Paragraphs follow paragraph graphic organizer.
  • The paper exhibits a clear organizational pattern. Transitions and other connecting devices between and within paragraphs create coherence. Supporting evidence from sources is smoothly integrated into the discussion following source sandwich model.
  • A concluding paragraph summarizes the paper’s main points and effectively leaves the reader with a significant conclusion that clearly stemsfrom the evidence and the reasoning.


  • Vocabulary is concise and of an appropriate level of diction. Denotation, connotation, and tone are effective.
  •  Sentence structures are varied and have an appropriate level of complexity.
  •  The paper is characterized by an effective originality of expression.


  •   Sources are consistently and accurately documented according to the method assigned by the instructor. Paper is uploaded in online course.
  • The paper presents a professional appearance and contains few or no typos or errors in spelling, grammar, or mechanics. It follows the assigned format.
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