I.               PROPOSAL (1.5 – 2 pages, single-spaced).  50

Rubrics: Purpose, Audience, Organization, Argument

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Sample: Fig. 13-2 through 13-3 for formatting assistance

You can choose any one of the options below. Feel free to devise your own topic for a proposal, but please run your topic by me prior to drafting.         


Write a proposal memo to change one or more specific rules or regulations of an organization to which you belong, such as your school or fitness club or professional association.


Imagine that you are the human resources coordinator of a large company. You have noticed an increase in the number of medical emergencies over the past two years. Write an internal proposal memo to your supervisor, offering plans that would contribute to employees’ good health and help employees respond to medical emergencies. Plans for improving their health could include a) a more comprehensive medical benefits package, on-site health screening, stress management counselling, and corporate memberships to fitness centers. Plans for helping employees handle medical emergencies could include on-site CPR and first-aid training.


Write a proposal letter to the Dean’s office requesting an upgrade in technology or a facility. For example, you can propose a change or complete overhaul of the school website design OR an expansion in parking spaces.


Write a detailed cover letter as part of a proposal to XYZ foundation, requesting funds to complete research in a project in your area of study.

ORGANIZATION ( Email for guidelines should you opt for 4):

Para 1. Introduction/Problem Statement: States purpose of memo. Introduces problem or problems, providing any technical or historical background clarifying why the problem exists. Briefly summarizes solution or solutions to the problem.

Para 2.  Provides detailed information on extent of problems and cost to company or organization. Establishes that problem needs urgent address.

Para 3. Provides detailed information on solution to problems. Raises and addresses potential counter-arguments.

Para 4. Includes cost analysis and timeline, if applicable.

Para 5. Concludes with a summary of the recommendations and a statement of the writer’s credentials ( concerned student, longstanding member) on a collegial note.


A rough draft of the proposal letter or memo is due for peer edits in class on Friday, 04/07. You will turn in your rough draft for an instructor’s review. My feedback will be due the following week.

II.             ORAL PRESENTATIONS       50 points

You will present your proposals in class.

Please read assigned sections from Ch 14: “Giving Presentations and Conducting Meetings” (474) ahead of next Friday’s class. 04/07

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