Promotion of Greener Supply Chain System at Fuji Xerox

As discussed previously, the adoption of a Greener Supply Chain system for Fuji Xerox entails close coordination among the key business units of Fuji Xerox. To reiterating, the success of the Greener Supply Chain necessitates the employment of specific programs for Inbound Logistics, Main Operations, Outbound Operations, and Marketing and Sales. However, such programs must be aligned with its main values that further support the company’s vision and mission. In this regard, it must first and foremost be stated that my recommendation for such program mirrors other successful programs that have been implemented by other companies in support of their specific sustainability objectives or targets. For one, Bobis & Staniszewski (n.d.) has noted the contribution of sustainability programs to IBM’s bottom line. In this regard, through specific tactics used such as tactical buying, price leverage, category management, strategic supplier management, and value chain integration, IBM was able to not only manage its costs but more importantly increase its revenues. Such ideas were also similarly noted in a study of Five Winds (2003) entitled “Good Environmental Stories for North Americans” in which it exposed the socio-cultural impacts of environmental-friendly business operations. Lastly, the importance of sustainable programs for enhancing the company’s business operations have also been recognized by companies in the field of telecommunications. In this light, the International Telecommunications Union or ITU (2012) has recently released a study stating the essence of sustainable programs toward optimizing the business potential of the top IT firms. Summarizing all of these studies, it could be stated that the key to attaining success in sustainability programs lies on the close coordination among the business units (Earth Check, n.d.).&nbsp.

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 Promotion of Greener Supply Chain System at Fuji Xerox
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