Project selection using an integrated ahp.

 The comparisons are to comprehend using pair wise matrix which suits the criterion of the study. This model is competent of implement ting the AHP values and the consistency in the study and the time taken.

The boundary of the study deals with the AHP as the process itself with much preferences given to the hierarchy models and the sub hierarchy models associated and the criteria and the sub criteria related.The predetermined scale of the process are to be taken into consideration and the pairwise matrix of the study and the numerical preference value of the same are to be considered.

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Project selection using an integrated ahp.
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The methodology of the study mainly deal with the strategic objective, they include the qualitative and the quantitative method in the selection of the process. The main methods incorporated are the cost of the money, cost benefit analysis, pay back period, rate of return etc.

As per the conclusion assessment and collection of projects before venture resolution is normally done using, technological and monetary information. In this study a new methodology is proposed and the easy decision making is done by selecting the best one.

The factors that are needed in project evaluation are numerous. There are both independent as well as inter dependent factors which needs to be employed in project selection. The AHP analysis of projects consists of the evaluation of only independent factors in multicriteria decision making.

The AHP model is a very appropriate model for project selection but all the dependent as well as independent factors should be correctly evaluated and measured. Each of the other alternative should be properly measured especially the project’s cost.

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