Project Report.

Secondly, the research project looks at teamwork in relation to Lazear and Gibbs giving an analysis of the benefits associated with teamwork in the organization. Thirdly, the research project identifies the research methods that were used in the research project giving information in relation to the methodology. Additionally, the research gives an analysis of the research question indicating how teamwork has been effective in many organizations. Lastly, the project concludes the research by giving a recap of the issues that have been discussed in the research project.

Teamwork has been held to be the most appropriate form of working in any setup in an organization. This is because through teamwork people or employees in the organization brainstorm in order to bring productivity and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. A team is defined as an aggregation of employees performing a collective task. The team may be led by a joint decision making body or an individual. Therefore, teamwork is work completed by several associates with each individual doing a part, but all subordinating personal importance to the efficiency of the whole. Teamwork is advocated by many organizations because it increases productivity, as well as, ensuring job satisfaction. Problem solving role that is played by teamwork because when people work together they tend to solve issues quickly and adequately unlike when a person is working alone. The research project will focus on designing a teamwork setting that will enhance the productivity of the organization, as well as, solve problem and minimize job dissatisfaction.

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Employees are more satisfied with their work when they are working in a teamwork environment. 

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