Project Presentation

Develop an executive-level PowerPoint presentation for your product development of Sabra Bean Dip. The PowerPoint presentation (including slide notes) should incorporate sections of the project you worked in Units 2–4. In your presentation, professionally communicate critical elements of your product development effort to a high-level decision maker so as to gain approval or funding to forward the process.

Your presentation should be no more than 20 slides. As you create this presentation, keep in mind the general guidelines for slide presentations, such as the following:

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Project Presentation
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  • Use an outline form with bullet points.
  • Limit lengthy text.
  • Use illustrations and pictures only if they add value to the overall presentation.

From this presentation, a leadership group should be able to glean enough about the process to consider support of it.

Use this general outline for your presentation:

  1. Product idea and rationale.
  2. Opportunity overview.
  3. Product description, which can be more than one slide.
  4. Development requirements.
  5. Estimated schedule or timeline.
  6. Target markets.
  7. Marketing plan (3–5 slides).
  8. Test markets, if applicable.
  9. Launch plan highlights.

Refer to the Project Presentation Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your presentation.

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