Project Description of MOAID

Need help with my writing homework on Project Description of MOAID. Write a 1500 word paper answering; User: this word is used to refer to anyone using the application. In this case, it refers to anyone who is using the application either as a student, administrator, or member of staff.

Students: in this case, students are only those from Saudi Arabia alone.

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Project Description of MOAID
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Admin: in this application, the admin is used exclusively to refer to the manager and the secretary.

Manager: it refers to the employee in the learning institution who is linked to the student through a video-call. In every learning institution, the manager is one with two secretaries.

Secretary: this is a worker whose main role is assisting the manager in handling his responsibilities. Based on how this application is designed, there are two secretaries who are connected to the manager. They are supposed to coordinate the various functions in the office to ensure all activities are running as planned.

ID: this refers to the student file number as identified in the office at the culture center. This is used to distinguish one user from the rest of the users.

Similar Works

The use of video conferencing technology has been quite extensive. Ever since its discovery, video conferencing technology has been used widely in different fields. For instance, the US Military Army has been using video conferencing technology to carry out its activities. The commanders in the field use this technology to communicate with their colleagues in the control room. This has been in use ever since the early 1990s and it has been proven to be extremely relevant to the current environment.

Design & Implementation

Student Registration

This is the first step before students can start using this application. Every student will be required to create his own account by feeling information like the ID, name, phone number, age, major, email, user name, password, etc. After that, a link that is to be used to activate the account shall be sent to the email of the applicant for activation.

Student Log-In

After activating the user name and password, students will be ready to log-in and do what they want. Nevertheless, the student must accept the rules of the service from the dialogue before using this application.

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